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Why acrylic edge strip will be called 3D edge strip
Release date:2016-07-12 Clicks:1447
PVC Edge banding PVC Edge by substrate PVC Resin, calcium carbonate powder and various accessories ( Stabilizer, DOP Oil, ACR Carbon dioxide, stearic acid, anti-aging agent, toner, etc. ) Form。 Edge repair edge effect and substrate ratio of ingredients. PVC Wood seal Be in PVC Printing ink and coating substrate UV Paint curing. The grain edge shows good simulation result is that the quality of ink. Now on the market price in inkTwenty element / Kg. - 160 element / Kg range, excellent quality ink printing edge, then simulation effect of edge banding close to printing plate, rich layering, and three years of indoor fading is not obvious. Printing at present abundant edge is mainly followed by three color printing, two color printing and color printing. test method : The edge using different printing strip on the strong sunlight for a week, and then the sun before the contrast can be seen two kinds of edge fading degree of dissimilarity. Wood edge wear and the degree of transparency and UV The quality of paint is related to qi. UV Paint market price Fifty element / Kg. - 120 element / Kg, if the edge surface easy to scratch, vagueness is due to the use of poor quality UV Paint. Sealing strip and plate bonding degree, edge banding and heat bonding effect depends on the quality of the adhesive.With the edge of the adhesive sheet has certain requirements in temperature. Although the edge hot-melt adhesive barrel temperature in hot sol 200 o C - 180 o C But, hot roll plate and sol edge bonding point 20CM - 30CM The distance. The workshop of low temperature, fast heat dissipation, so the plate edge and the bonding points in temperature 120 o C The following, so the bonding effect is not ideal. At this time if the use of gum is not good is more easy to open ( The current market price of the gum : 18 element / Kg. - 50 element / Kg. ) . Resolvent : Because of the material from the region of low temperature to cut because the temperature is too low and the influence of side plate bonding effect, so to maintain the indoor temperature in the workshop 15 o C Above, and in the edge edge plate and a thermostat cover. ABS The resin material is one of the world's most advanced, it is made with the edge of undoped calcium carbonate, trimming is bright and smooth, there will be no white phenomenon. But, ABSThe market price in the resin Twelve thousand and eight hundred element / Tons, higher production costs than the same specifications in marketingPVC The high price of edgebanding One Times. Solid wood finger joint edge Mainly used in veneer furniture. This product is on the back to increase the strength of adhesive non-woven veneer veneer, prevent rupture, and finger length Two hundred rice / The volume, so can be continuously used in sealing machine, improve work efficiency, trimming neat. To solve the shortcomings of the single veneer.