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How to identify the quality of PVC edge strip


A: smooth surface, no bubbles, no stretch, moderate gloss.
B: surface and back flat, uniform thickness, uniform width.
C: hardness is reasonable, the higher the elasticity, the better the quality, the stronger the wear resistance.
D: after the edge of the edge of the sealing edge of the color and the color of the surface as close as possible, white is not obvious, good gloss, otherwise it is the edge of the strip material too, resulting in the overall color of the furniture is not coordinated.
E: the back of the treatment agent coated evenly, in general, transparent and white treatment agent is good, such as improper treatment of the back edge is leading to a low degree of bonding after the sealing edge, and even not stick.
F: edge strip each batch of color must be consistent, the color difference of different batches of smaller, better quality.
G: trimming cut not brittle, no gap.