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Why acrylic edge strip will be called 3D edge strip
Release date:2016-03-30 Clicks:1507

Shenyang Yida derivatives Decoration Material Co. Ltd. as the edge furniture is currently widely used in furniture manufacturing industry, it not only plays a role of the protective effect of furniture contour, and also has the effect of decoration and beautification of furniture. In daily life, we see a variety of styles and different style cabinets various cabinets with different materials Edge banding To protect and beautify the role of edge. Several cabinet edge wood, melamine, and PVC material, different types of edge has its specific function and bonding techniques, following by Sichuan Li plastic introduced for you.

A wooden edge

The wooden edge is mainly applicable to solid wood cabinet outline paste and decoration, can only operate in the completed by manual method paste. Paste wood Edge banding At the edge of the plate profile to keep smooth, using water soluble adhesive or adhesive bonding strength. Only by mastering the adhesive selection, in order to make the edge plate through the penetration of wood fiber to cement to form a good fixation. Because the wood of hygroscopic materials, the moisture content will be affected by the outside temperature and humidity changes, therefore, the choice of adhesive should be based on the seasonal changes and moisture diffusion and penetration requirements. Finally, with wood Edge banding Decorative furniture must be brushing paint for the protective effect of surface treatment.

 Edge banding

Two, melamine edge banding

The edge of the edge of melamine fireproof board is best used in the cupboard but also occasionally use to back. Melamine edge using pure manual or mechanical sealing line, and the hot melt adhesive glue, the requirements are not high. In the bonding process using hot melt adhesive for adhesive, the temperature should be controlled at 120 to 160 DEG C, the indoor environment temperature is 15 DEG C when pasting. Melamine seal Edge banding To reduce the amount of glue material paste coating, general control in the range of 6-8g per metre in. Mechanical sealing, adhesive coating is uniform, control the running speed of coating in 30 ~ 50 m / min. The running speed of the adhesive melamine edge is the fastest in all kinds of edge, so that we can guarantee the quality of adhesion, and can improve the work efficiency.

Three, PVC edgebanding

PVC Edge banding The scope and melamine edge banding are similar, mainly applicable to micro board, MDF, blockboard, plywood cabinet edge edge, the edge can also use solid wood cabinets, can be taken when manual or mechanical adhesive paste way, through physical attraction, chemical bonds, such as the role of the adhesion of PVC solid edge on a wooden surface. PVCEdge banding The general use of adhesive and hot melt adhesive or white latex, hot melt adhesive curing time is 30 minutes, but the low temperature or high temperature adhesive glue according to the thickness of the edge set. In the PVC edge bonding process on the substrate edge flatness requirements is very high, general tolerances shall not be greater than 0.1mm, while the plate temperature and ambient temperature should be in 18 degrees.

 Edge banding

So that different materials and brand cabinets will be applied to different types of Edge banding And using simple equipment bonding techniques, the edge even in hand, edge effect is not beautiful, still in use after a period of time, edge deformation, deformation caused by the door. Shenyang Yida decoration material limited company production of high-end quality furniture, including PVC edge, edge ABS, U type, type T sealing strip, PVC extrusion profile and piamater ceiling decorative edge buckle edge, to become PVC edgebanding Chinese high quality, more product information please click on the edge:Http://www.shenyangyida.com/ Shenyang Yida decoration materials Co., Ltd.