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Why acrylic edge strip will be called 3D edge strip
Release date:2016-10-25 Clicks:1615

PVC The sealing strip is the main raw material for polyvinyl chloride, adding various additives, such as plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants, dyes, after mixing and pressing the thermoplastic sheet. The wood has realistic and three-dimensional sense, certain smoothness and decorative and has certain heat resistance, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance. Mainly used in furniture.

   PVC Edge of common problems

There is the phenomenon of white trimming

The use of edge banding process, sometimes found trimming when there will be the phenomenon of white, this is a normal phenomenon, this is generally because the manual or semi automatic sealing machine sealing machine which, because they are not as automatic as a function of polishing equipment. Sealing process, if there is 0.6MM The thickness of edge is weak, stretching, deformation, or stand high temperature phenomenon, because the edge speed is too slow, hot melt after melting The residence time is too long. Can speed up the edge speed, high speed conveyor speed, adjust the amount of glue to improve the reference speed 8M/ Above, if it is double-sided adhesive sealing machine, this phenomenon generally occurs less.

The emergence of the phenomenon of not letter

In the process of edge banding, often see such a situation, not on the phenomenon of edge sealing. Then check check temperature is normal, the edge speed is too slow, the use of the environment at room temperature is lower than Eight Degree. If the glue line is too heavy, or overflow phenomenon of drawing, please adjust the edge machine speed, did not improve the hot melt temperature adjustment, please replace the proper type.

   PVC Edge banding material defects

Lack of stability

   PVC Edge thickness 2mm More than a certain stress, use must improve the temperature of heating and softening or adhesive, or because the stress is not strong and paste to fall off. Industry experts, PVC Edgeband prone to stability problems.

cause PVC Lack of edge stability. A furniture PVC Edge heat stabilizer unqualified or improper or insufficient amount of heat stabilizer. Two, the processing temperature is unreasonable, the main temperature is too high. Three, the extruder screw speed too fast. Four, the formulation system of internal and external lubrication collocation or unreasonable amount.

The problem of aging resistant performance

In general, the reasonable mixing processing conditions will greatly reduce the effects of volatile components in raw materials. In order to evaluate and predict PVC The material light aging resistance, it is necessary to establish the artificial accelerated ultraviolet aging simulation experiment system. Because PVC At the edge of exposure to natural weathering conditions of light aging period is longer, in order to obtain the experimental results in a relatively short period of time, for the evaluation and prediction PVC Edge surface light aging resistance to provide basic data and theoretical basis.

No matter in natural weathering or artificial accelerated conditions, the temperature is always accompanied by the entire test cycle. In the light of different colors PVC The material surface temperature can reach a maximum Seventy C. PVC The parameters of edge heating at different temperature conditions were in One hundred and sixty-eight Hours after the change in Sixty C and Eighty The degree of temperature changes.