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Why acrylic edge strip will be called 3D edge strip
Release date:2016-04-08 Clicks:2008
With the rapid development of information technology and the Internet era is coming, the wood industry also began to improve in the transformation, mature. But the wood industry, the transformation process is very painful, at the cocoon is a continuous transition stage, in this process, the wood industry to face the pressure from all sides and competition, while also facing the enormous opportunity hitherto unknown. In the information age, the wood industry is Pojianerchu or ashes to ashes?
The doors of businesses need to integrate resources, vertical and horizontal
Global economic integration has been basically formed, the National Silk Road reopened, the construction of the maritime Silk Road, including wooden doors, many of the domestic traditional industries, not only has a great impact, but has a strong stimulating effect.
The most serious problem is the existence of the current domestic wood industry, the lack of genuine brand, not enough to resist the impact of world class brand Home Furnishing. The annual output value of Chinese in 2014 up to 90 billion individual enterprises, but the annual output value of 1 billion is not one. Such a huge market cake, will undoubtedly become the Silk Road reopened after the major international super brands competing to snatch goals.
Industry official said: the domestic wood industry to survive in the new round of international competition, must take the combination, integration of resources of the road, in the international brand impact, will not be defenseless.
A new mode of commercial marketing, big data mining
Under the information age, the trend of anyone, habits and hobbies will become an Internet data, this is the really big data era. The doors of businesses have been in the pursuit of precision marketing, to ensure that every advertising resources into the real needs of consumers. It must be based on powerful data under the Internet as a support, analysis of user habits, take or investment required, and find the real point of consumers.
The traditional line mode, has been unable to adapt to today's era of rapid consumption, people's shopping enthusiasm under the traditional bombing promotional activities, has been gradually temperature, consumer attitudes are also gradually rational. A wooden door enterprises need innovation attractive enough business model, a real unity with consumers, stimulate another consumer demand, to meet the individual needs of consumers. This can be supported in large data precision, informatization real big turn.
Many industry insiders said that in the fierce market competition situation, whether it is the use of wooden enterprise resources effective integration and data collection, should be combined with the actual situation of their own, based on the present, focus on the future, seek truth from facts, find one of the most suitable for their own development road.