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Why acrylic edge strip will be called 3D edge strip
Release date:2016-02-25 Clicks:1756
At the beginning of 2015, the new product bathroom industry turns to play, multi function and multi tone, every kind of bathroom products with our eyes, but also indicates a new trend this year and even the future of the bathroom industry market demand, network organization predicts that in 2015 three to the bathroom market.
Customized products into public view. According to the market survey, customized features as bathroom plus many, also became the sanitary ware market innovation and development, to solve the problem of homogenization weapon". From the current market, wary of the same phenomenon is the public enterprise unified attitude. Do people think related sanitary ware brand, homogenization phenomenon, undermining the fairness of market competition, for ordinary consumers, unbalanced competition will reduce the degree of product experience.
As the consumer market has been 80, after a generation to occupy 90, data show that 90% of consumers pay more attention to the bathroom design, 87.2% of consumers saw customize feature selection of bathroom. Obviously, plagiarism and custom is contradictory to the market, and is a source of conflict and the power of the development of things, so the bathroom enterprises to carry out innovative behavior, but also to resolve this contradiction, thus promoting the development of the industry.
Practical, environmental protection is still the mainstream market demand. The bathroom space is relatively small, practical and beautiful is still the mainstream direction to consider consumers to buy Bathroom products, because of the narrow space, we especially need to all the basic functions and features of condensed together, and try to make the limited space look bigger, some people.
In addition to practical, we also see a new trend from the exhibition, many bathroom brands began to launch the design of no dead angle, better cleaning products and small "toilet basin integration" ware, use of these products can not only greatly reduce the toilet rate of "water", "water" can turn to play the heat. The main trend of the development of society, all walks of life in the application of product design at the same time, should put the low carbon environmental protection in a more important position, the sanitary industry is no exception.
Smart bathroom full of daily life. Spend more and more time in the bathroom every day, this is a lot of people the current state of life, so the bathroom as an important part of Home Furnishing life, also more and more attention of consumers.
Intelligent era brings convenience for people's life, go out in the morning, just pick up the mobile phone at a "home", Home Furnishing home security equipment gradually started. The way to work, pick up the mobile phone touch, water heaters have started earlier, air conditioning has been automatically open. Before falling asleep, the curtain in the mobile phone under the command of slowly, quietly close the lights in the room.This smart bathroom products just to meet the trend of intelligent life.