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Why acrylic edge strip will be called 3D edge strip
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As a kind of natural building decoration materials, marble with natural color, fine texture, beautiful texture, good texture and other characteristics, and the advantages and There is nothing comparable to this decorative effect, become the new favorite of the industry. Despite the "imitation marble tiles and other imitation marble decorative materials on the market, but no matter how superb technology imitation of natural marble stone, beauty really is irreplaceable and inimitable. As a rookie in the industry, the stone and marble Seiko focused on pure natural marble imported products R & D, production, and by virtue of the unique advantages of the seven, received high praise from all walks of life.

"Imitation" as "true", the effect may not be realistic
"Imitation marble tiles" at the beginning, then hit the "natural marble perfect substitutes" slogan, really? The day before, the relevant professionals with experiments on "in the decorative effect, imitation marble tiles can replace natural marble" verified.
In the same experiment named "Sapphire" natural marble and artificial marble as an example, by simulating human digital camera, shooting at four different distances, and comparing shooting. The results showed that although in a remote viewing, the same two product visual effects, but in the near distance from the perspective of natural marble, showing a three-dimensional effect of rich and delicate, imitation marble perception is blurred.
The reason lies in the formation of grain imitation marble on the surface of the product, is the use of "3D inkjet printing technology will advance the marble surface scanning pattern is obtained, the" copy "to tile embryo, form a natural marble surface texture ornamental effect, the nature of the product is still rather than natural marble tiles, after thousands of years the nature of baptism.
Thus, imitation marble tile decorative effect, can perfectly replace natural marble, is self-evident. In addition, imitation marble tiles and two fatal flaws: first, the printing precision and embryo material limitations, appear unable to avoid mosaic, pitting phenomenon; second, the specification and size restrictions, unable to avoid repetition of a single page.
The stone: because it is really so precious stone.
The stone and marble Seiko YISHION imported natural marble for the media, for the love of "stone" urban men and women to provide integrated stone with customized service. Since its birth, the stone and marble Seiko has received continuous attention and praise from all walks of life, the reason is that, compared with other products on the market, the stone and marble Seiko has the following advantages:
A source of raw materials
High quality mine 100 stone, marble Seiko from Spain, Italy, Turkey and other marble rich country, picking a small boutique marble material, the material guarantee of superior quality.
Two, standard design
The stone and marble Seiko all products using standardized design specifications, the engineering design, construction and maintenance more convenient.
Three, higher strength
Vacuum composite processing high-quality vitrified tiles and natural marble marble, avoid the traditional low hardness, crisp texture defects, products with higher strength, effectively reduce the breaking in the process of construction, transportation.
Four, waterproof anti fouling
The stone and marble Seiko using automatic protection technology, waterproof, anti alkali, anti permeability, anti fouling ability, better use effect.
Five, energy saving and environmental protection
Pure natural marble for scarce non renewable resources, the stone and marble by Seiko precision cutting process, maximize and optimize the use of marble, and to maximize the retention of the natural texture of marble and unique beauty.
Six, precise color control
Selection of high quality raw material of the same color marble carefully chosen from the color, through processing, advanced detection, to maintain a high degree of unity of color, color, even the use of a large area can also make visual consistency is guaranteed.
Seven, perfect supporting services
The stone and marble Seiko has a strong R & D, design, production, supporting capacity, can not only meet the traditional stone production and processing needs, but also to ensure that products always walk in the forefront of the industry, to meet the new market demands.
Eight, transportation advantage
The stone and marble Seiko weighs about half of the traditional marble, which greatly reduces the cost of transport and handling etc..
Nine, convenient construction
The stone, marble and marble Seiko natural high-quality vitrified tile or aluminum composite, which greatly enhance the product's strength, which makes the construction more convenient, reduce construction cost.
Ten, service advantage
The stone and marble Seiko strong service team, design team, training team, the pre-sale customer service in all kinds of problems, timely treatment.
Natural marble has free radiation
The day before, the three party authority: Chinese Stone Association, the national stone quality supervision and inspection center, national stone Standardization Technical Committee, jointly issued the "marble products on human non radioactive hazard".
Notice that the natural marble belongs to sedimentary rocks composed of carbonate minerals, the formation of radioactive material and is not directly related, so no radioactive harm to human body, can be used in any place.
In addition, the Ministry of housing in the relevant standards issued clearly stipulates that the marble does not need radioactivity inspection, there is no need to issue a report to the entry-exit radioactive detection, natural marble, national quality inspection and quarantine without radioactive inspection.
Because the real stone, so precious, every piece of marble stone and marble Seiko selected, is really pure natural stone imports, the one and only, in the strong backing force under the support of the stone and marble stone Seiko will continue to provide customized services, with "let each love" stone "people can have the exclusive" stone in the "!