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Why acrylic edge strip will be called 3D edge strip
Release date:2016-05-18 Clicks:1967
The summer season, the peak into new premises decoration. Busy attention home decoration neighbors, buy fire doors, wood paint, waterproof paint and other decoration materials to look for the brand construction, specification and approval report. In May 30th, the Guangzhou Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau released a report on the relevant product quality sampling results. The results showed that some batches of the product does not meet the requirements.
Wood: don't buy damaged packaging
Guangzhou Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau said that a total of 3 enterprises produced 3 batches of products do not meet the standard requirements. The halogenated hydrocarbon content of the project, the sample of 1 batches of substandard products. Halohydrocarbon is excellent organic solvent in solvent wood coatings, its price is low and can improve the performance of construction products, but excessive halohydrocarbon will cause harm to human body, it is absorbed through the skin, would be a violation of central nervous system or acting on the internal organs, cause poisoning.
The yellowing resistance of this project, the sample of 1 batches of substandard products. Yellowing resistance of paint film color retention performance index in the process of using, the general use of UV lamp or sun and color value to quantitatively characterize the extent of discoloration. The main reason causing yellowing resistance of unqualified items is not effective use of resin production enterprises or curing agent, anti yellowing, or resin and pigment with low stability.
Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau reminded: consumers in the purchase of paint to recognize the label on commodity packaging, especially the name and address, the implementation of standards, product type or quality grade, production date, expiration date and certification mark. When packing damage or swell products do not buy.
If you open the package and found the obvious stratification, sink and cementation caking phenomenon, paint mixing, is still uneven and don't use.At the same time, be sure to buy a product specification.
Secondly, consumers should pay attention to is: as the wood itself contains chemicals, volatile organic compounds and substances harmful to humans, if limited within the prescribed scope of the state, it can be considered as the environmental protection standard, it is safe to use, if the excess is likely to endanger human health.